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International Communication


Today’s companies need to flourish in increasingly complex global markets. Doing business overseas and communicating in other countries demand a particular set of skills: the skill to translate one’s own capabilities into a different ambience, sensitivity towards the host country’s experience and a knowledge and understanding of local culture and mores. Above all it means an ability to think locally, as well as globally.


Maclaine Communications operates at the highest government levels and has liaised with various governments, international donor organisations such as the World Bank, Phare, the British Know-How Fund, various ministers, embassy attaches, as well as many NGOs worldwide. Overseas assignments include the Polish Ministry of Environment, the Samoan Water Authority, and the Cypriot government on a public awareness programme for their new pilot transport programme in Nicosia.


Currently Eva Maclaine is helping to develop CIPR International, a Chartered Institute of Public Relations group, and has judged the Global sector of CIPR’s Excellence Awards.



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